Residential New Construction
Enhanced Heating • Air Conditioning • Electrical has been providing only the best quality residential installations in Southeast, North Carolina for 24 years now. Our company uses quality steel which is cut by a computerized plasma table and fabricated by experienced employees.
Our employees have all been formally trained on job site safety and cleanliness.
Whether you are a general contractor building a complex custom home with several systems or a homeowner/builder constructing a home with a single system, Enhanced Heating • Air Conditioning • Electrical offers a wide range of equipment choices.
We take pride in explaining the benefits and operation of the system to each and every customer to ensure that we meet their needs perfectly.
Enhanced has provided dependable service and quality installations to our customers.
We strive to meet the highest standards in the industry, from employee training to supplying superior products, with 100% customer satisfaction being our #1 goal.
Our company's hard work and dedication has paid off in a never ending list of customer referrals, long-term customer relationships, and a strong reputation in the community.